Kankakee County Training Center for the Disabled, Inc.

Many people want to know more about K.C.T.C.. Here are some frequently asked questions:

How many consumers served?
350 approx.

How many consumers live in CILA Homes?
60 approx.

How many consumers are placed in outside jobs per year?
20 approx.

How many fundraisers do you hold each year?

How is K.C.T.C. funded?
K.C.T.C. is funded through the Department of Human Services, grants, fundraisers, and donations.

Is K.C.T.C. accredited?
K.C.T.C. has some programs that are accredited by CARF (Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities)

What other organizations is K.C.T.C. a member of?
K.C.T.C. is a member of IARF (Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facility), United Way