Kankakee County Training Center for the Disabled, Inc.

SeniorsK.C.T.C. started The Senior's Program in September 1993. Because life expectancy has increased so much this century, people are living longer. This population especially needs extra assistance to have normalcy in their lives.

The purpose of this program is to enhance an individual's daily living and communication skills, to maintain and possibly improve their functional skills through recreation and leisure activities, to provide them opportunities for community outings, and to fulfill their socialization needs.

The main admission criterion for the program is age. The consumers have to be 50 years or older. The majority of consumers that attend Senior's Program are from Shapiro Development Center, which is a state facility, and from community integrated group homes. Most of the consumers require one-on-one assistance for their daily living activities.

Our program day is scheduled according to individual consumers’ needs. Although there is routine to the schedule, they have choice in participating activities. Keeping in mind their attention span, the activities are scheduled at half-hour intervals. The day starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:00 PM. The activities are planned on a weekly basis, and choices of activities are given. They get two breaks, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon; plus, they have lunch. The activities may include crafts, holiday crafts, collages, table/board games, etc.

Gross motor activities: bean bag throw, ring toss, exercise, catch ball, kick ball, and so on. Birthday, holiday celebrations. Community outings are scheduled such as shopping for supplies, seasonal outings-Christmas shopping, Gallery of Trees. Lunches are planned at local restaurants. Consumers participate in leisure activities such as sing-a-long, listen to music, watch educational and entertaining videos. The center also plans social events during the year such as the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas parties and the spring/summer dance.